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Sari Koppel

Actor, Singer





Originally from the vast woods and gorgeous gorges of upstate New York, Sari’s artistic efforts have been colored by an array of wonderful people and extraordinary experiences.


As a singer:  Sari is influenced by many genres including: musical theatre, opera, and jazz, as well as the not so obvious: bluegrass, americana, alternative/independent rock, and folk music from around the world.  Sari’s vocal technique is heavily based in the Feldenkrais Method which takes a wholistic approach to learning in order to instill efficiency and ease.


As an actor: Sari takes pride in the process and is focused on catering her acting approach and methods to each individual character.  A fan of research and learning, she digs deep beneath the surface to find what makes each character tick and tunes in to the intricacies of each script she is presented with.  Sari presents a truth and honesty to each project whether she is playing an eight year-old or an eighty year-old.


Outside of the world of theatre Sari is passionate about the great outdoors, cooking, floral design, and spending time with her loving and supportive friends and family.




Phone  (607) 229-6851


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